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About Us

Film At Eleven, Inc. is a locally owned and operated independent franchise business specializing in the automotive aftermarket. Located in Manhattan, KS, Film At Eleven, Inc. has the resources to find what you’re looking for and the skilled technicians to install it for you in-house.

Ronald Parrick, Jr is the owner and manager with over 20 years’ experience in installation and service. He is an expert in window film installation, lift kits, tires and wheels and everything in-between. His vast knowledge of the aftermarket automotive industry gives Film at Eleven the edge over the competition.

The technicians at Film at Eleven are experts in their field, covering car audio & remote start, lift and leveling, window film, vinyl lettering, differential re-gearing, tire mount & balance, alignment and many others.

  • “What does your name mean?”
  • “Why call it Film At Eleven?”
  • “Do you sell cameras?”


Sorry guys, we’re the #1 local source of car and truck accessories, NOT film and cameras. There is however a method to our madness. We specialize in full time application of automotive and residential window tint, also known as window FILM. So there you have it, a simple explanation to the age old question. There is also more information about the namesake and its origins available on Wikipedia for those who are interested. Just search ‘film at eleven’

If you haven’t been to Film At Eleven yet there’s never been a better time!

We are constantly improving upon the way we do business in a constantly changing industry. Here are just a few of the things you can expect to find at Film At Eleven these days:

Hands-on showroom and a friendly sales staff!

Our displays are fully functional and we want you to use them! Our showroom was designed with you (the customer) in mind. It is our goal to visually illustrate our best products to you so that you know exactly what you’re buying. If you don’t understand a product or you would like a demonstration feel free to ask any of our sales professionals for help.

The Past

Film At Eleven was opened in 1983. Originally located in Junction City, KS, Film At Eleven specialized in mobile window tinting. In 1994 Film At Eleven bought a company located in Manhattan, KS named ‘Auto Accessories’ and became Film At Eleven, Inc. The company later sold their Junction City location and moved their operation to the neighboring city of Manhattan to expand their business. Currently owned and operated by Ronald Parrick, Jr., Film At Eleven, Inc. has expanded its range of services to include the majority of the automotive aftermarket and all sales, installation, and service thereof.

The Future

Currently employing a full-time staff of seven, Film At Eleven, Inc. is always expanding the variety of services we offer. Being a part of the ever-changing world of the automotive industry gives us the opportunity to improve the way we do business every day. In fact, if we weren’t committed to keeping up with the fast paced nature of our business we would have been left in the dust a long time ago. It remains our goal to provide parts and accessories at reasonable and competitive pricing, as well as install and service those parts in-house in a timely and professional manner.


Kenne G.

Very happy with the service I got. It was the lowest price I could find between Junction city and Manhattan for window tint. They told me it would take three hours but ended up taking less than two. The work is phenomenal and exactly what I wanted. the owner even hung out with me while I waited. I don’t usually give 5 stars but they definitely earned it!!! Great job, guys!!!

Kayla R.

I went to Film at Eleven to have a new lift and tires but on my husband’s truck as a gift. I was given a final price of around $1400 which was a great deal. When I went to pay something got messed up and I ended up paying $200 more than I should have. I was upset but went ahead and paid and had the work done. It was finished in a day and it looked great. The next day the owner called and said he figured out where the price went wrong and gave me a refund. Not many other business owners would have taken the time to look into it and call me back after I had already paid. If it’s one thing I can say about Film at Eleven, it’s that they are honest people, and that says a lot these days.

Chad W.

Great people great work and if they can’t do it they will get it done still!!!